Sunday, August 31, 2014

Blogging through the Bible- September Workbooks

Here are the printable workbooks for September:

Esther  - Short eWorkbook
Esther – Long eWorkbook
I Peter – Short eWorkbook
I Peter – Long eWorkbook
II Peter – Short eWorkbook
II Peter – Long eWorkbook
I John – Short eWorkbook
I John Long eWorkbook
II John – Short eWorkbook
II John – Long eWorkbook
III John – Short eWorkbook
III John – Long eWorkbook
Jude – Short eWorkbook
Jude – Long eWorkbook
Psalm 1-30 – Short eWorkbook
Psalm 1-30 – Long eWorkbook

The short eWorkbook has one worksheet a day for journaling your thoughts.
The long eWorkbook has 4 worksheets a day for those who like to write more or do extra research.
You do not have to use a workbook at all though. You can simply follow along just reading one chapter a day.

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