Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Little Things


Little things can set our minds on a negative journey:


- One bad conversation with a person

- The feeling that we are being judged

- Guilt that we aren’t doing as much as we feel we should be

- Missed expectations or poor results

- The stress associated with a demanding workload or life


These thoughts and feelings can cloud our judgment, make us devalue our worth, or even miss out on opportunities to be present among others.


Let’s face it, we all have less than best experiences.  But we can’t let our past hold us back from engaging others and making sure we apply a fresh attitude and positive “Christ-Centered” energy to our interpersonal interactions.


So, what do we do?


First, the next time you have a negative thought cross your mind, acknowledge that it is just a thought.  Treat it like spam mail and send it straight to your mental junk folder.  Then, have a moment of appreciation.  Remind yourself of how God has allowed you to have significant successes and how they shaped you as a person.  It’s important to remember that your most significant successes often can be overshadowed by small moments of self doubt.  Finally, tell yourself that you are living in the present and going to focus on the opportunity right in front of you, which might just be a priority relationship (like a family member), a new project, or a new adventure (or calling) that will help you continue down your path toward “God” success.


Being mindful is the practice of removing judgments from your internal dialogue so you can focus on the moment at hand. 


God Bless,

Vickie Birch


Adapted from Leadership Moments by leadstar.


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