Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pray In The Battle

I know Lord I don’t always try

And sometimes I don’t even care

I often let the worries of this world

Become a heavy burden to bear

I know at times I do not react

The way that I know I should

Instead my feelings rule my tongue

And I’m often misunderstood

I get so sick of constantly repeating

The same failures day after day

I feel so worn down by the constant battle

Maybe I should give up and ‘Pray’

Does this sound at all familiar?

Are life’s hassles wearing you out?

Do you remember to stop and pray?

So faith can replace your doubt

God never said that it would be easy

But He did say He’d always be there

We need to stop battling on our own

And give it over in prayer

Prayer is so needful in our lives

Constantly, throughout the day

When we are faced with spiritual battles

We should never forget to pray

It’s so important to commit each day

Into the care of the Lord

So we can walk more victoriously

Than how we had walked before

The enemy tries to get a foothold

In every little way he can

We must be aware of his evil tactics

And refuse to give in to his plans

For we have Christ Jesus in our lives

And the power to overcome

As we keep praying and standing firm

All our battles shall be won

© By M.S.Lowndes

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