Tuesday, February 22, 2011

If you have not had a chance to read anything from Lysa TerKeurst, you may enjoy reading Made to Crave. Here is her most recent blog and a link to Made to Crave....enjoy

Tell a Friend Tuesday

Hi Sweet Friends,
I’ll meet you over at www.MadetoCrave.org for our Week One webcast replay. Just click here and you’ll find me giving a devotion along with Dr. Ski Chilton giving some of the best nutritional advice I’ve come across. You’ll also find my sweet friend from California, Kathrine Lee talking about how “a setback is setup for a comeback.”
I love that thought.
But, my favorite moment of the entire show is when Kathrine explains the difference between her two weight loss journeys. The first time she lost 100 pounds, she did it “so that she’d be loved.”
After she gained all the weight back, she took a different approach. This time around, she’s losing the weight “because she is loved.”
Profound! Don’t miss watching the rebroadcast on demand today. And tell a friend or two or twenty. That would be swell.
On a completely different note, our kitchen sink decided to explode this morning. Isn’t that a charming way to start a day?
Yes, it is.
But it is a wonderful excuse to cook Proverbs 31 woman style and “bring my food from afar.”
Dear Plumber, I’m totally okay if you can’t come today. Or tomorrow. The end.
So, in celebration of webcast replays and exploding sinks, let’s do a giveaway. List the friends you invite to participate in “Tell a friend (about the webcast) Tuesday” and I’ll pick one sweet bloggie commenter to win 5 of my books today!
You can pick 5 of the same title. If you’re in the mood to share with friends, pick this door number one.
Or, you can pick 5 different titles. If you’re not in the mood to share with friends, pick this door number two.
This is just like King Burger where you can have it your way. A grilled chicken sandwich that is. Not that I have take out on my brain or anything.

Happy Tuesday sweet friends.

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